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The long wished-for spring is finally here, and with lots of rain… been feeling under the weather and a bit down lately, but the rain seems to be washing everything away, doing its… Continue reading

Rainy Thessaloniki, Greece

Hey guys ♥ Am back from a short trip to Greece for the weekend. Had a brief stop at Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city on the Aegean Sea. It was raining and was… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: A good match

I think we can safely conclude that I love blue color lol :>)) Funny thing is that I don’t go around searching for blue things to photograph, it’s just the color really seems to… Continue reading

Snow in the city

Winter just won’t go away… After an almost spring-like Saturday, snow is back in full swing in Sofia today… And it keeps snowing like crazy right at this moment… Hope you had a… Continue reading

Yay, almost the weekend!

The entire house smells of clementines, it’s just such an energizing scent… if sunlight smelled of somethin’, it would be of clementines, no doubt :>))… But hey! It’s Friday and this long week… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

Blue. Waves.

Dreaming of…

Cross my heart, I’m so lookin’ forward to spring already… You, guys?

In full stride

Thursday #InTheHood It seems I should be making Thursday #InTheHood a series lol… I recently came across this awesome post by a fellow blogger Raffaello Ferrari discussing compositions of threesomes – 3 people… Continue reading

A matter of perspective

With the weather forecasts saying we are headed into another spell of cold weather, I was like: “Ugh, not again”… And kiddo was like: “Great, snow again” LOL :>)) Ha, it is always… Continue reading

Frosty Monday morning

We haven’t had fog and frost yet this winter, well, maybe once or twice, but not as noticeable as this a.m. By the time I dropped the lil one off at school the… Continue reading

A home

Thursday… #InTheHood

Single life

I had the most gorgeous sunlight in my room today, the minute I saw the afternoon sun breakin’ through the curtains and I knew it will be a nice capture for the Weekly… Continue reading


Good luck to me cleaning this mess lol A hand, someone? And please bring a vacuum cleaner… 😛 #reallife

Sunny and -20 C

After a couple of days of heavy snowfalls, we had some sun today, which lured me outdoors… only to realize it is just the camouflage of a blistering cold wind… Still, I managed… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Names

I don’t know about you, but I just love old mailboxes and them old-fashioned letters, written by hand on a piece of paper, sealed and stamped, with your name on them, travelling for… Continue reading

Through the window

With temperatures expected to drop to -20 C /-4 F in the next few days and too much flu going around, schools in BG will be closed for four more days… so these two… Continue reading

New horizons…

Well, hello, 2017! The sky’s the limit, guys! Best wishes for a happy and peaceful new year, full of soaring dreams, new horizons, love and kindness… Hope you all had fun welcoming the… Continue reading

Hot choc Saturday

Honestly, catching this guy on photo means more than Christmas to me lol :)) Having a great Saturday here – vacation, hot choc and all… They were playing this song at the cafe,… Continue reading

Current mood…

Goal setting for the new year: “Follow your brain. Your heart is stupid as sh*t…” *Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Weekly Photo Challenge: Anticipation

This year I’m going to have a proper Christmas vacation, I haven’t had one in ages… The boyz also go out on winter vacation end of next week so we will have plenty… Continue reading


I have one pivotal question to everyone doing graffiti… why is there always just one heart, why not two, or three, or a dozen? lol, anyways… Had some me-time today, which I quite… Continue reading

Hello, December sun…

I had so many wonderful ideas about this Week’s Photo Challenge: Relax… Starting with a photo of yours truly taking a bubble bath, while having a glass of wine… alas, that will have… Continue reading

It’s not this time of year without…

…snow, rosy cheeks and winter fun… oh, and cookies and cakes, but these deserve a special post, I guess lol 😀 First snow in Sofia today and I finally took my camera out… Continue reading

It’s the simplest things…

You know that famous quote that “life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated?” That is absolutely true, for the most part… But not when one is on the road… Life… Continue reading

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