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Map of the Problematique

That moment when someone makes you feel like pulling the curtains aside to let sunshine in, but you are still afraid to do so… ♫ Muse “Map of the Problematique * Posted in… Continue reading

Good morning :-)

Feeling colorful today…

Fading memories

♫ Tom Misch “Dusty Memories” ♥♥♥ *Am posting this also in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular. Did you know that 14-cm heels raise the feet at a 30 degrees angle to… Continue reading

If I tell you…

♫ Sade “The Sweetest Taboo”

Miss U Less, See U More…

♫ Faithless “Miss U Less, See U More”


♫ Morcheeba “Blue Chair” (feat. Judy Tzuke)

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