Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate patchwork

Street patching brought to a whole new level… *The Weekly Photo Challenge is set by the Daily Post on WordPress.

well, hello, May…

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months… thanks for all the sweet messages, love, support and “chicken soup”, guys… ima gradually starting to crawl out of my dark place and hope to… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

Reward is… planting love in your kids’ hearts and watch it grow… *The Weekly Photo Challenge is set by the Daily Post on WordPress.

Carnival in Xanthi, Greece

Карнавал в Ксанти, Гърция, 22 февруари 2015 г. *I don’t know about you, but I’m so sick and tired of winter already… I long for spring, sun and colors… I guess this is… Continue reading

Empty bench

♫ Sia “Big Girls Cry” *Seen in Novi Sad, Serbia…

A day in Pirot, Serbia

100 автобуса с по около 50 туристи средно прави около 5000 софиянци тази събота в Пирот… чудо! Поводът за повечето е кулинарен фестивал, за други – посещение на прочутия пиротски съботен пазар, за… Continue reading

In or out?

Want some?

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer…” – Albert Camus

Out for a walk in the neighborhood…

Из квартала… *I spent the last three days right here, in front of my computer, workin my fingers to the bone… Haven’t slept much, haven’t been out much either… So today I was… Continue reading


SOOC from Fujifilm X100T, shot in Film Simulation mode (Velvia Vivid), f/2, not a bit of post processing… I just got the camera today and have been exploring and loving it since… The… Continue reading

Stronger together…

ЧНГ! Желая здраве, другото все някак се нарежда… *Happy new year, everyone! It’s time to stop raising those celebration glasses and start raising some dumbbells…

Work, work, work…

Блогът излиза в почивка, която реално ще премине изцяло в работа… До след нова година! *Guys, this is just to let you know that I will not be able to shoot, post or… Continue reading


Monochrome Madness: Rain and Umbrellas

It has struck me lately that as much as I love color, I seem to edit pictures of rain mainly in black and white… Maybe it’s that special mood that rain always has… Continue reading

Give me shelter, show me heart…

“… and I’ll be yours to keep.” ♫ Ben Howard “Only Love”

City girl

A couple of weeks back I had so much fun testing that rented Canon EOS 5D Mark III… so I took it out for a walk with my beautiful friend Tedi to some of the older… Continue reading

Fading memories

♫ Tom Misch “Dusty Memories” ♥♥♥ *Am posting this also in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular. Did you know that 14-cm heels raise the feet at a 30 degrees angle to… Continue reading


“Better alone than badly accompanied…” ♫ Tom Misch “The Journey”

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Can’t stop… *Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Streets of Sofia: One of them busy workdays

Workin’ on a Saturday…


Страхотни почивни дни с любимите усмивки и с добри приятели! *Had a fabulous weekend with the boys, some good friends and a rented Canon EOS 5D Mark III… I’ve lots of new photos,… Continue reading


Inspired by Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Lines and Angles. Thanks for the inspiration once again, Cee!  


You will reach No. 120, when you find No. 32. Easy. There is no way you can get lost in Sofia : D


After today I am ready to go shoot car races… Three years after having purchased my camera, I finally decided to test its “high-speed continuous shooting mode”… um, I could have well waited… Continue reading

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