A green wall…

12/365… Obviously I have a thing for unimaginative titles as well…


11/365… Have you seen this blog with photos of people reading on the subway of New York City: http://undergroundnewyorkpubliclibrary.com/ It is a very cool concept, right?… to photograph people reading books, real books,… Continue reading


10/365… I’ve been waiting for this Flowering Quince to blossom for at least a couple of weeks… It’s the only one in my neighbourhood, right across the dumpsters in the street, tho there… Continue reading

Monday and its chores…

9/365… There are some hidden courtyards in Sofia that are simply amazing… I needed a slightly wider-angle lens to capture all the laundry, wires and angles – the flags of victory flown by… Continue reading

Slow Sunday

8/365… Here’s to good friends who spend a Sunday with you… ♥

Balancing act

7/365… The boyz spend every other weekend with their father. So I have ca. 30 hours all to myself… omg, 30 hours is a lot! I can go out with friends have fun,… Continue reading

End of school week

6/365… I liked the shadow on the wall. I thought if I waited there with my camera, perhaps someone interesting might come along and I will be able to take the street shot… Continue reading


Somewhere between losing and finding myself. I’m blue. And sadly, not invisible today….

Going home after work…

Streets of Sofia, Bulgaria, mid March. Honestly, I was on the verge of quitting the photo a day project today… yep, already lol : D But then, I have been going through Patti’s… Continue reading

I have a thing for walls…

3/365… Yes, I do, I have a thing for walls… peeling, weathered, obsolete walls… I find them beautiful!

Desk styles

2/365… The lil one is very meticulous, he’s the steady one, maybe too serious for his age, quiet, so far loves doing his homeworks, nope, I’m not kidding lol… The older one is… Continue reading

A photo a day… hmm?

1/365… It’s been raining the whole day in Sofia today… So we went out only for a short walk and it was real short, given that I have a headache from hell the… Continue reading

When nothing is certain, everything is possible…

A colorful snap from this weekend and my beautiful friend Tedi. Wishing you a fabulous week ahead, everyone… xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

October’s (extra)ordinary colors… though recurring every year, they never cease to amaze me…

Gritty, gritty, I’m so pretty

Streets of Sofia. Wednesday, 7 October 2015.


Free-lensing, Canon EF 85 mm /1.8 USM…

Watch you leave…

♫ Lana Del Rey “Music To Watch Boys To” I was saving this picture for cold winter days when it would be perfect to post lol… But something reminded me today of that… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

S p r i n g – S u m m er – F a l l – W i n t e r… Seasons may change, but kiddo’s level of happiness seems… Continue reading

:) :P :D

Gimme a smile! #unnoticed

Falling over and over…

“I notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


So it turns out moving on is easy. Letting go is not…

First day of first grade

First day of first grade at school, 15 September 2015. For the record, now, two days later, after having to get up real early in the mornings and spend the whole day at… Continue reading

BBQ Serbian style

Кадри разни из Фестивала на сръбската скара в гр. Лесковац, Сърбия, 5 септември 2015 г. В събота най-често използваната дума от София до Лесковац беше “мЕсо” ^^ В момента, в който се качих… Continue reading


Absence. Week 3. Some voids are not skin-deep… You can conceal them, but you still feel them burn and itch and gnaw at your heart… In the end of the day you still… Continue reading

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