It’s the simplest things…

You know that famous quote that “life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated?” That is absolutely true, for the most part… But not when one is on the road… Life… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

The short caption to this photo would be “Early morning coffee is my best partner” lol… And althought that’s true, the real caption behind this photo is a bit different… I was watching… Continue reading

Here, in my arms…

Butterflies love me (True story!). That’s weird. But I’m a bit of a weirdo, so this prolly explains it… A car was passing by down the street, while this butterfly was dancing on… Continue reading

All’s well that ends well…

My older son’s tonsillectomy on Monday wasn’t exactly a breeze, due to an unexpected complication… We are not eating ice-cream for now, I’ll have to be experimenting with soup recipes instead (yikes!)… But… Continue reading

P.S. A kiss…

As much as I tried to dodge the hot summer sun today, it proved impossible not to love it… And as much as I neglect this blog and stop taking pictures from time to… Continue reading

Yey, end of 1st grade!

It’s official, it’s the end of first grade and the start of summer vacation for the lil one. Given the occasion, I was hoping to capture a super-duper-ultra-mega-turbo enthusiastic face or some wild… Continue reading

You’ve been framed…

Lol, I know the title also has a different meaning in English, but I just couldn’t resist the pun lol… So, I got an additional terabyte for my computer recently and finally decided… Continue reading


Somewhere in the Rhodope Mountains, Southern Bulgaria… Today is the first working day in BG after a long Easter weekend… At least for a couple of days tho the green was greener, the… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Keeping it simple… * Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

“18 reasons you should book a trip to Bulgaria asap”

A big shout-out for the US-based Huffington Post news website for publishing a very cool article about Bulgaria last week… and for using one of my photos in it, yey!! Click on the… Continue reading

Tomato party

“Carnival. Tomato party.” This was what the label of these cherry tomatoes read when I got them at the store lol… My lil one is so picky, that honestly I’d bring a whole… Continue reading

A month in photos

So, this is what a month in photos looks like. And here’s the round-up:


17/365… I took this image some 10 days ago, but post it only now… It is a candid image of the lil one waiting for me at the lobby of the local post… Continue reading


28/365… I usually get to see only the mat and the rock on my way out of the block… This definitely makes a difference lol…#yeahright


27/365… Just when I was beginning to think that the most strenuous sport my older son would ever come to love would be chess, he said he wanted to learn play basketball… he… Continue reading

Nothing better than bad weather…

25/365… Raining cats and dogs in Sofia this evening… Camera: Fujifilm X100T ♥


24/365… The boyz are out of town for the spring vacation. Well, one of them is coming back tomorrow, but that still gave me two days to feel like a bachelorette again lol…… Continue reading

Lucky No.6

23/365… Or maybe not so lucky if it’s yet another bill lol… *Guys, I been messing up royally with the blog and quite successfully deleted all my photos and followers… If you are… Continue reading


22/365… One lil monkey climbing trees ;D

So much for open workspace…

18/365… Newspaper stand, Streets of Sofia, Bulgaria.


16/365… Given that I’m a lousy cook, I consider it a success that noone broke a tooth eating these today … Quite the opposite, the boyz liked the butter cookies, which I’ve been promising… Continue reading

Even the smallest puddle reflects the sky…

15/365… And a rainbow, in this case : ) I didn’t realize how much I love this photo until I saw it on the computer at home… as if my whole world is… Continue reading

Two weeks of photo-a-day

I was about to quit the photo-a-day project today (like almost every day lol ;D), let’s be realistic, I do not have the time for a photo a day… But then I printed… Continue reading

Every waking moment…

14/365… Guys, does anyone know the name of this tree? Reminds me of fireworks for some reason…

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