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Weekly Photo Challenge: A good match

I think we can safely conclude that I love blue color lol :>)) Funny thing is that I don’t go around searching for blue things to photograph, it’s just the color really seems to… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

Blue. Waves.

A home

Thursday… #InTheHood

Sunny and -20 C

After a couple of days of heavy snowfalls, we had some sun today, which lured me outdoors… only to realize it is just the camouflage of a blistering cold wind… Still, I managed… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Names

I don’t know about you, but I just love old mailboxes and them old-fashioned letters, written by hand on a piece of paper, sealed and stamped, with your name on them, travelling for… Continue reading


I have one pivotal question to everyone doing graffiti… why is there always just one heart, why not two, or three, or a dozen? lol, anyways… Had some me-time today, which I quite… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Keeping it simple… * Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract


28/365… I usually get to see only the mat and the rock on my way out of the block… This definitely makes a difference lol…#yeahright

Lucky No.6

23/365… Or maybe not so lucky if it’s yet another bill lol… *Guys, I been messing up royally with the blog and quite successfully deleted all my photos and followers… If you are… Continue reading

A green wall…

12/365… Obviously I have a thing for unimaginative titles as well…

Monday and its chores…

9/365… There are some hidden courtyards in Sofia that are simply amazing… I needed a slightly wider-angle lens to capture all the laundry, wires and angles – the flags of victory flown by… Continue reading

I have a thing for walls…

3/365… Yes, I do, I have a thing for walls… peeling, weathered, obsolete walls… I find them beautiful!

Urban romance

Where least expected… ♥

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate patchwork

Street patching brought to a whole new level… *The Weekly Photo Challenge is set by the Daily Post on WordPress.

In or out?


You will reach No. 120, when you find No. 32. Easy. There is no way you can get lost in Sofia : D


♫ Machinarium OST *Wallflower: a shy or unpopular person who doesn’t socialize or participate in activities at social events…

Which one?

Choices, choices… ♫ Bonobo”Ten Tigers”

Recap 2013: Urbex

Urban fragments… old, abandoned, peeling and… beautiful! The inscription on the last photo I’ve included here is written in Bulgarian and says “I love you…”

You’ve got mail…

Two’s a company…

The red door

♫ High Contrast “Brief Encounter”

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