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Snow in the city

Winter just won’t go away… After an almost spring-like Saturday, snow is back in full swing in Sofia today… And it keeps snowing like crazy right at this moment… Hope you had a… Continue reading

In full stride

Thursday #InTheHood It seems I should be making Thursday #InTheHood a series lol… I recently came across this awesome post by a fellow blogger Raffaello Ferrari discussing compositions of threesomes – 3 people… Continue reading

Sunny and -20 C

After a couple of days of heavy snowfalls, we had some sun today, which lured me outdoors… only to realize it is just the camouflage of a blistering cold wind… Still, I managed… Continue reading


I have one pivotal question to everyone doing graffiti… why is there always just one heart, why not two, or three, or a dozen? lol, anyways… Had some me-time today, which I quite… Continue reading

Nothing better than bad weather…

25/365… Raining cats and dogs in Sofia this evening… Camera: Fujifilm X100T ♥

So much for open workspace…

18/365… Newspaper stand, Streets of Sofia, Bulgaria.


11/365… Have you seen this blog with photos of people reading on the subway of New York City: It is a very cool concept, right?… to photograph people reading books, real books,… Continue reading

Monday and its chores…

9/365… There are some hidden courtyards in Sofia that are simply amazing… I needed a slightly wider-angle lens to capture all the laundry, wires and angles – the flags of victory flown by… Continue reading

Going home after work…

Streets of Sofia, Bulgaria, mid March. Honestly, I was on the verge of quitting the photo a day project today… yep, already lol : D But then, I have been going through Patti’s… Continue reading

Gritty, gritty, I’m so pretty

Streets of Sofia. Wednesday, 7 October 2015.

:) :P :D

Gimme a smile! #unnoticed

Streets of Sofia: lil blue umbrella

Thursday. In the hood.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

Streets of Sofia, Bulgaria, March 2015. Keep calm and wear your colors brightly : D *The Weekly Photo Challenge is set by the Daily Post on WordPress

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate patchwork

Street patching brought to a whole new level… *The Weekly Photo Challenge is set by the Daily Post on WordPress.

In or out?

Out for a walk in the neighborhood…

Из квартала… *I spent the last three days right here, in front of my computer, workin my fingers to the bone… Haven’t slept much, haven’t been out much either… So today I was… Continue reading

Work, work, work…

Блогът излиза в почивка, която реално ще премине изцяло в работа… До след нова година! *Guys, this is just to let you know that I will not be able to shoot, post or… Continue reading

Monochrome Madness: Rain and Umbrellas

It has struck me lately that as much as I love color, I seem to edit pictures of rain mainly in black and white… Maybe it’s that special mood that rain always has… Continue reading

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Can’t stop… *Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Streets of Sofia: One of them busy workdays

Workin’ on a Saturday…


You will reach No. 120, when you find No. 32. Easy. There is no way you can get lost in Sofia : D

Slow Sunday

It’s been an easy, slow and simple Sunday before a busy work week… hope you all have a great week ahead of you!!

Rainy days

Streets of Sofia, 26 September 2014

Elegant ride style

Love for bikes can never grow old… It can only grow vintage… *Seen in downtown Sofia on Sunday, 14 September 2014

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