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Yay, almost the weekend!

The entire house smells of clementines, it’s just such an energizing scent… if sunlight smelled of somethin’, it would be of clementines, no doubt :>))… But hey! It’s Friday and this long week… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

The short caption to this photo would be “Early morning coffee is my best partner” lol… And althought that’s true, the real caption behind this photo is a bit different… I was watching… Continue reading

Tomato party

“Carnival. Tomato party.” This was what the label of these cherry tomatoes read when I got them at the store lol… My lil one is so picky, that honestly I’d bring a whole… Continue reading


24/365… The boyz are out of town for the spring vacation. Well, one of them is coming back tomorrow, but that still gave me two days to feel like a bachelorette again lol…… Continue reading


16/365… Given that I’m a lousy cook, I consider it a success that noone broke a tooth eating these today … Quite the opposite, the boyz liked the butter cookies, which I’ve been promising… Continue reading

Slow Sunday

8/365… Here’s to good friends who spend a Sunday with you… ♥

Balancing act

7/365… The boyz spend every other weekend with their father. So I have ca. 30 hours all to myself… omg, 30 hours is a lot! I can go out with friends have fun,… Continue reading

Skip the trick, gimme the treat…

Hell, yeah, I prefer the treats… any time of the year lol…

Sweet Friday

biscuit crumbs all over the place… cocoa powder on the table and on the floor… and two happy helpers, who skipped helping me and went straight to helping themselves to the sweets… lol…… Continue reading

Yin and yang morning coffee…

Good morning, everyone… Copyright © 2014 Alexandra Pavlova. All Rights Reserved.

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