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A matter of perspective

With the weather forecasts saying we are headed into another spell of cold weather, I was like: “Ugh, not again”… And kiddo was like: “Great, snow again” LOL :>)) Ha, it is always… Continue reading

Through the window

With temperatures expected to drop to -20 C /-4 F in the next few days and too much flu going around, schools in BG will be closed for four more days… so these two… Continue reading

Hot choc Saturday

Honestly, catching this guy on photo means more than Christmas to me lol :)) Having a great Saturday here – vacation, hot choc and all… They were playing this song at the cafe,… Continue reading

It’s not this time of year without…

…snow, rosy cheeks and winter fun… oh, and cookies and cakes, but these deserve a special post, I guess lol 😀 First snow in Sofia today and I finally took my camera out… Continue reading

All’s well that ends well…

My older son’s tonsillectomy on Monday wasn’t exactly a breeze, due to an unexpected complication… We are not eating ice-cream for now, I’ll have to be experimenting with soup recipes instead (yikes!)… But… Continue reading

Yey, end of 1st grade!

It’s official, it’s the end of first grade and the start of summer vacation for the lil one. Given the occasion, I was hoping to capture a super-duper-ultra-mega-turbo enthusiastic face or some wild… Continue reading


17/365… I took this image some 10 days ago, but post it only now… It is a candid image of the lil one waiting for me at the lobby of the local post… Continue reading


27/365… Just when I was beginning to think that the most strenuous sport my older son would ever come to love would be chess, he said he wanted to learn play basketball… he… Continue reading


22/365… One lil monkey climbing trees ;D

Even the smallest puddle reflects the sky…

15/365… And a rainbow, in this case : ) I didn’t realize how much I love this photo until I saw it on the computer at home… as if my whole world is… Continue reading

End of school week

6/365… I liked the shadow on the wall. I thought if I waited there with my camera, perhaps someone interesting might come along and I will be able to take the street shot… Continue reading

Desk styles

2/365… The lil one is very meticulous, he’s the steady one, maybe too serious for his age, quiet, so far loves doing his homeworks, nope, I’m not kidding lol… The older one is… Continue reading

A photo a day… hmm?

1/365… It’s been raining the whole day in Sofia today… So we went out only for a short walk and it was real short, given that I have a headache from hell the… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

S p r i n g – S u m m er – F a l l – W i n t e r… Seasons may change, but kiddo’s level of happiness seems… Continue reading

First day of first grade

First day of first grade at school, 15 September 2015. For the record, now, two days later, after having to get up real early in the mornings and spend the whole day at… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day

Tomorrow will be too… *The Weekly Photo Challenge is set by the Daily Post on WordPress.

Summer vibes

Hey guys, I was wondering, what’s the song you been listening on replay lately? My son here is into some electronic stuff these days, after listening to pagan metal for a while… I’m… Continue reading

Just keep swimming…

Hey there : P We reached the sea three days ago…and I have a lousy lousy Internet here, so I’ll try to catch up with you, guys, before I’m cut off again… I’ve… Continue reading

10 yo today

My older son turns 10 today…omg, 10!!! that’s one major anniversary for us… I just hope he grows up happy and kind-hearted… ♥ ps. Guys, I am gonna be taking a little break… Continue reading

Tooth fairy will be busy tonight :- )

6 July 2015. Someone has lost his first baby tooth today…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

Reward is… planting love in your kids’ hearts and watch it grow… *The Weekly Photo Challenge is set by the Daily Post on WordPress.


SOOC from Fujifilm X100T, shot in Film Simulation mode (Velvia Vivid), f/2, not a bit of post processing… I just got the camera today and have been exploring and loving it since… The… Continue reading

Stronger together…

ЧНГ! Желая здраве, другото все някак се нарежда… *Happy new year, everyone! It’s time to stop raising those celebration glasses and start raising some dumbbells…


Страхотни почивни дни с любимите усмивки и с добри приятели! *Had a fabulous weekend with the boys, some good friends and a rented Canon EOS 5D Mark III… I’ve lots of new photos,… Continue reading

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