Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

The short caption to this photo would be “Early morning coffee is my best partner” lol… And althought that’s true, the real caption behind this photo is a bit different…

I was watching that movie starring Julia Roberts last night.. naah, not “Pretty Woman” ;D that other one – “Eat, Pray, Love”, it is (supposedly) based on the real life story of a woman, who is divorced and embarks on a journey to heal and discover herself… Now, as corny as it sounds, that movie struck a chord, as we share similar circumstances – both me and Julia Roberts’s character are divorced… and pretty, of course! lol … First hour of the movie I spent cussing the “women empowerment” message there and I was telling to myself, no way, I’m not like that, I am miserable without a partner, I need a partner to be happy, someone to take care of me, spoil me maybe, bring me coffee in bed in the morning… but the next moment it hit me that unless I am happy and confident with myself first, that morning coffee will be always getting cold at some point… Movie spoiler: tho it took her a while, in the end, Julia Roberts’s character found the right guy, just for her, and a real hot one ;D… And I enjoyed having my hot cup of joe this a.m. on my own and realized I’m on the healing path already… Have a fabulous week ahead, everyone xoxo