Yey, end of 1st grade!

It’s official, it’s the end of first grade and the start of summer vacation for the lil one. Given the occasion, I was hoping to capture a super-duper-ultra-mega-turbo enthusiastic face or some wild joy, at least, lol… Instead, he looks so calm and composed, like a grown-up lol (omg, he was such a baby at the start of the school year – second photo)… But I also think now he looks very proud and confident too. And he should be!!

His older brother graduates from 4th grade in a week, so I still have a chance to capture the face of ultimate joy lol…

Have a great weekend everyone ♥


Last day of 1st grade at school, 21 May 2016


First day of 1st grade at school, 15 September 2015