You’ve been framed…

Lol, I know the title also has a different meaning in English, but I just couldn’t resist the pun lol…
So, I got an additional terabyte for my computer recently and finally decided to reorganize my photos in folders, by years, months, travel destinations, genre… Not much of a success so far, basically I’m creating even greater chaos, only over much bigger computer space lol ;D Anyways, so, while doing this, I realized there are certain patterns that I seem to follow while taking pictures, and “framing” in street and travel photography seems to be one of them… People standing in doorways, windows, shopwindows, immediately grab the attention, no matter how busy the surrounding context might be… I thought it would be fun to post all these together…

Do you use “framing” as a way to compose photos? And, pleeeeze, share some tips how you organize your photos on your computer so you can find them easy later… honestly, these files will be the death of me lol…


Tram stop, Sofia, Bulgaria, September, 2014


Seamstress smiling through the window of her shop, Sofia, Bulgaria, January 2015


Barber shop, Edirne, Turkey, May, 2015


Man looking down from his window, Novi Sad, Serbia, November, 2014


Delivery guy, Sofia, Bulgaria, October, 2015


Bakery shop, Sofia, Bulgaria, November, 2012


Tourists barely walking in the hot sun, Kavala, Greece, July, 2014


A local standing at her doorway in Kovachevitsa Village, Bulgaria, May, 2014