Desk styles

2/365… The lil one is very meticulous, he’s the steady one, maybe too serious for his age, quiet, so far loves doing his homeworks, nope, I’m not kidding lol… The older one is of fiery temperament, he’s always too busy running around, singing at the top of his lungs, making new friends, don’t mention homeworks to him…

After I took this picture today, I realized they even manage their desks differently lol… The second picture is from a few days back, but is essential to the story… And it is through these differences that they create the perfect balance together… We have a little of everything this way at home, we have the lil one to remind us of discipline and responsibility, and the older one to teach us to take it easy… I’m somewhere in the middle, tho you better not see my desk lol… Am learning a lot from them both everyday and am so happy to have them both just the way they are…

*15 March 2016, 2/365, Nikon D750, 50 mm/1.8

*7 Marh 2016, Fuji X100T