A photo a day… hmm?

1/365… It’s been raining the whole day in Sofia today… So we went out only for a short walk and it was real short, given that I have a headache from hell the entire day… So I was hoping for a quiet afternoon at home with a couple of board games… Yeah, right, only in my dreams, as you can see lol…

I’ve been thinking of a photo a day project lately, just so I get back to taking pictures on a regular basis, maybe try learn some new things, like shooting in Manual (been shooting only in Aperture Priority mode so far)… I’ve started a photo a day project twice already in the past, never reaching beyond day ten… but why not give it a try again… plus, the 13th is a good date to start lol… So this photo should be 1/365 I guess… Anyone doing a photo a day project, guys? How do you stay motivated?