Elegant ride style

Love for bikes can never grow old… It can only grow vintage…
*Seen in downtown Sofia on Sunday, 14 September 2014

One piece missin’

So, happy B-day to me… 38 yo today!
What I’ve learnt in 38 years is that there is always one piece missin to make things perfect… Not that I want things always perfect, let’s be realistic… I just want that one piece, because I’m missin it… It can be love, health, trust, free time, more chocolate, a private massage therapist or an account at a Swiss bank, you name it lol… So I will not waste any more time and will go fix at least the chocolate cravings now, with some chocolate cake for my b-day… and I hope the rest will come in time…

happy b-day to me

1 day in Kavala and Thasos, Greece

So after I visited Thessaloniki in January, this weekend I spent a few hours in Kavala and the island of Thasos, Northern Greece… One definitely needs more than a few hours there to appreciate a cold cocktail on the beach or enjoy some sea food without being in a rush… What I saw was only a small part of both places and would definitely go back to explore more of those picturesque back alleys… Though my favourite place would still be the highest deck on the ferry to Thassos, I just loved the wind in my hair…








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