Carnival in Xanthi, Greece

Карнавал в Ксанти, Гърция, 22 февруари 2015 г.

*I don’t know about you, but I’m so sick and tired of winter already… I long for spring, sun and colors… I guess this is one of the reasons why there are so many carnivals across the Mediterranean region this time of the year – people are getting ready for spring and open their hearts to all the joy it brings! I visited the small town of Xanthi, Northern Greece, a week ago, for their traditional annual carnival. The atmosphere was incredible, everyone was having so much fun, wearing lovely costumes, dancing to music in the streets, smiling their cares away…

I travelled light, only with the Fujifilm X100T ♥ Shooting a busy event with a prime wide-angle lens could be tricky, especially if you want to isolate your subject. I found out that taking the image from a low angle might help. Getting real close was the other thing that worked for me… and it was to get closer to the performers and get all those smiles firsthand… The only thing better than giving a smile is getting a smile in return…


















A day in Pirot, Serbia

100 автобуса с по около 50 туристи средно прави около 5000 софиянци тази събота в Пирот… чудо! Поводът за повечето е кулинарен фестивал, за други – посещение на прочутия пиротски съботен пазар, за трети – просто разходка, снимки и нови приятели…

“Lekovito Bilje” means “healing herbs” in Serbian… But I guess the flat sausage decorating the stall is thought just as healing, especially judging by the throngs of buyers and tourists in Pirot, Serbia this Saturday lol… Pirot is a small Serbian town just less than 2 hours away from Sofia, Bulgaria (by bus)… It is famous for its farmers market, while yesterdy it was extra busy because of a culinary festival… The festival hall though was so crowded that I decided to hang out in the winter sun breaking through the clouds now and then… and I’m very happy with my finds, it’s a charming little town…

Camera trivia: I travelled light, only with my Fuji X100T… luuuuuve this camera!! All shots are f/2.8, aperture priority mode, shadow tone -2, all snapped in jpg…

1Pirot-lekovito bilje








10Pirot-sunny weather

Pirot-bik shadow

11Pirot-bike stripes




Out for a walk in the neighborhood…

Из квартала…

*I spent the last three days right here, in front of my computer, workin my fingers to the bone… Haven’t slept much, haven’t been out much either… So today I was out for a quick walk in the neighborhood… Please, join me, I would appreciate some good company before another sleepless night… Fujifilm X100T ♥

birds and blocks (2)

the seamstress

balancing act


hold on

out for a walk in the neighborhood


SOOC from Fujifilm X100T, shot in Film Simulation mode (Velvia Vivid), f/2, not a bit of post processing… I just got the camera today and have been exploring and loving it since… The camera has a fast prime 35 mm lens and a large sensor…it is the size of my hand and is so light, as compared to my DSLR + 3 lenses, that I will be taking it anywhere with me from now on… all the more so that it comes as a gift from someone really special…


Stronger together…

ЧНГ! Желая здраве, другото все някак се нарежда…

*Happy new year, everyone! It’s time to stop raising those celebration glasses and start raising some dumbbells… well, maybe not exactly in the lame way ima raising the dumbell in the photo lol… But don’t be fooled, the three of us kick ass when we work out : P And this is our New Year’s resolution – to grow stronger together! … What’s yours?

Whoa, the image got featured on the Flickr Blog, now how cool is that:

… and on, thanks much, Ashley!!

stronger together blog

Work, work, work…

Блогът излиза в почивка, която реално ще премине изцяло в работа… До след нова година!

*Guys, this is just to let you know that I will not be able to shoot, post or follow blogs in the next weeks, cause ima serioulsy behind my work… the one that’s actually paying for my photography hobby lol … And no, my work has nothing to do with any of these captured in the pictures here… : P But I do believe that any hard work deserves all the respect in the world…

work blog

work 2


Monochrome Madness: Rain and Umbrellas

It has struck me lately that as much as I love color, I seem to edit pictures of rain mainly in black and white… Maybe it’s that special mood that rain always has about it, I don’t know… it’s always about da mood I guess!!

I have already posted most of these pictures here on the blog, but never together. And today the first image is included in Leanne Cole’s gallery Monochrome Madness #40 along with some other incredible black and white images, which you should definitely go check out! Thank you so much, Leanne!!

1-Streets of Sofia


2-Streets of Sofia



6-Streets of Sofia

City girl

A couple of weeks back I had so much fun testing that rented Canon EOS 5D Mark III… so I took it out for a walk with my beautiful friend Tedi to some of the older parts of Sofia…  Care to join us?



Tedi green door

Tedi dip

Tedi bw



old buildings

green purse dip

yellow fence

Fading memories

♫ Tom Misch “Dusty Memories” ♥♥♥

*Am posting this also in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular. Did you know that 14-cm heels raise the feet at a 30 degrees angle to the ground?… um…enough science. In my books, angular is illustrated best next to curvy… (A)

angular or curvy

Streets of Sofia: One of them busy workdays

Part of my Portraits of strangers set…

Portraits of strangers


Страхотни почивни дни с любимите усмивки и с добри приятели!

*Had a fabulous weekend with the boys, some good friends and a rented Canon EOS 5D Mark III… I’ve lots of new photos, which I’ll be posting next week, cause I have to catch up with my work first. Hope you all had a great weekend too and I’ll be readin’ about it in your blogs!!







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