The vine tree…

*Seen in town of Lovech, NC Bulgaria, on Saturday, and dedicated to a friend, who was born in that town, but now lives some 10 (omg, 10?) time zones away from it… Remember your roots, they say… Bobby, I hope you will always cherish Bulgaria in your heart! И догодина, живот и здраве, те чакам за истински фототур из Ловеч… че засега само тази снимка имам оттам и за тебе я направих…хх

the old tree


Week 2 of my little project on absence…

I had a bad dream some time ago. I was at this old building, I believe an opera house. Alone. Waiting for someone who then meant the world to me. He was awefully late. So I kept waiting. And waiting. I started running frantically up and down the building floors, looking for him… and I was pressing my face against the windows to see if he’s coming, hoping to see him any minute now and run to him. Then suddenly the warmth of my breath painted a face on one of the windows, like a picture. Am not sure if it was my face, or his, or someone else’s. Someone yelled at me to stop staining the windows. So I pulled away and sat in a dark hall, in my dream I knew I would not see him again… It’s funny sometimes how dreams reflect our lives.

bad dream


Since u been gone…

I know, it’s crazy I post this image right after the previous post… But I was thinking lately that my photography has become very, um, am not sure how to put it… very safe, unsincere… Like, I try to show only nice pleasing images and happy emotions, while hiding my heart at the same time… And it’s not been all roses, you know… So, I’ve decided to start a very personal (weekly) project, which will be called “Absence”… Some days I feel ok, this is when you get the happy images lol… but some days I just fall to pieces and I want to try and let it out… Disclaimer: If you are not into depressing images, you may consider unfollowing me… That’s ok, everybody leaves in the end…


Summer vibes

Hey guys, I was wondering, what’s the song you been listening on replay lately? My son here is into some electronic stuff these days, after listening to pagan metal for a while… I’m just as, um, eclectic, lol… Here are some of my latest favs:
♫ Demi Lovato “Cool for the Summer”
♫ Daniel Bedingfield “Gotta Get Thru This”
♫ Etta James “At Last”
♫ Dmitri Shostakovich “Waltz No. 2”
♫ The Cure “Close to Me”

Your turn : P And wishing you a great week ahead, everyone!!

kewl for the summer

Just keep swimming…

Hey there : P
We reached the sea three days ago…and I have a lousy lousy Internet here, so I’ll try to catch up with you, guys, before I’m cut off again… I’ve been just chilling mostly and not taking any photos… yet today, I decided it’s high time I picked up that camera… honestly, this could have been my last photo ever… Sea was knee-deep where we started taking pictures, but suddenly I felt I could not reach the bottom… The boys are very good swimmers, but ima not. I was heading for the bottom and my only! thought was to save the camera… I was holding to that damned Fuji like it was a lifebelt and tried to swim with one arm while holding the camera high up in the air to save it, even if this means I drown (almost like trying to save a relationship, well, almost hmmm…) So, I didn’t let go the camera… and my older son pulled me out… those swimming classes paid off, phew…


10 yo today

My older son turns 10 today…omg, 10!!! that’s one major anniversary for us…
I just hope he grows up happy and kind-hearted… ♥

ps. Guys, I am gonna be taking a little break from the blog. I need to take care of some important things in my life… like, get some suntan maybe lol… Will try not to go completely incommunicado and will prolly say “hi” from the seaside… Have a magical summer, everyone! xx

10 yo


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