After more than a week at home with a coughing and clingy 5 year old, I finally got some time all to myself during the weekend, which I spent indulging in my photography hobby… My friend Tedi is a gorgeous and most patient model… We went to one of Sofia’s many parks on Sunday and spent a couple of hours exploring locations, posing and (natural) light… and we had so much fun!!!



so, we are stuck at home sick… both of us… hope we are getting better soon or you will be seeing shots of all our games – domino, puzzles, mikado, cards, board games, domino, puzzles… did I mention domino? well, I hope we are getting out of house tomorrow…

All these questions follow me like shadows

sleeping by myself
curled up like a question mark
come and answer me
- Haiku, by Eliza Kane

One of my Twitter contacts shared Eliza Kane’s haiku today and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved it… maybe because it decodes my world in just a few words… and maybe because it expresses in words what I have tried to express in a photo… it’s an old diptych I’ve created in December last year under the title above…and I just feel the photos and the words blend together so well… Eliza, thank you so much for letting me share your verse next to the photo and add so much intensity and emotion to it… it is now complete!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Keep walking…
Sofia, Bulgaria…
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